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What is Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder Replacement surgery also is known as Shoulder arthroplasty,  Shoulder replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which all part of the glen humeral joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. To get the relief from arthritis pain and severe physical joint damage, Doctors generally do shoulder replacement surgery.
A metal ball is substituted the humeral head and replace the cartilage on the glenoid cavity a with the plastic socket.Once complete this surgery, It seems and works like the original joint.
There are two primary methods for shoulder replacement surgery: Total Shoulder Replacement and Reverse Shoulder Replacement. Total shoulder replacement surgery involves a replacement of the ball and socket joint.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain :

There are few reasons why your orthopedic specialist may prescribe Shoulder Replacement Surgery:-
Lack and less motion of the shoulder Having shoulder pain doing everyday activities like sleeping, Dressing, playing and other activities. Feels sensation in shoulder joint doing up and down the arm.Pain during to reach your back.

A click sound when lifting your arm.Swelling and pain in the front part of the shoulder.Cause of Shoulder replacement surgery.

Here some condition can cause shoulderpain and disability in doing work. then patients to prescribe shoulder joint replacement surgery -

Rheumatoid Arthritis:-  In this Condition, the synovial film that encompasses the joint becomes thickened and this inflammation can damage the cartilage and it causes pain and disabilities.
Osteoarthritis:- It normally appear in people having age 45 years and older, but may appear in younger people, also. In this disorder cartilage that mat the bones of the shoulder dissolve and wear and tear. Then bones rub against one another. Over time, the shoulder joint slowly becomes tight and painful. 
Serious fractures:- Meet with a serious fracture of the shoulder is another common reason people have shoulder replacements. When the head of the upper arm bone is destroyed or crush it may very tough for an orthopedic doctor to settle the portion of bone back in right position in the shoulder. In this case, Doctor considers shoulder replacement surgery to the patients. 

Do’s and Don’ts after Surgery -

After completion successfully shoulder replacement surgery will rely on how well you take after your orthopedic doctor instructions at home along the initial couples of weeks after surgery.
Here are some basic do’s and don’ts for when you return home:
Follow the home exercise prescribed by your orthopedic doctor. you need to do exercise 2-4 times in a day for few weeks of after surgery.Don’t use your surgery shoulder to push yourself or push any heavy things.If you feel any pain doing exercise don’t over it or consult with your Doctor.Don’t lift any heavy things from your surgery shoulder.